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Who We Support


Harlow is the heart behind everything we do here at HFH, so I wanted to make sure to introduce her!
Harlow is a silly, fun-loving 10 year old who loves puppies, cheer, dance, swimming, her family and friends. On the outside, amazingly, she looks like a completely normal 10 year old. However, her life has been far from normal.
At just 4 months old, doctors found a grapefruit sized tumor in her abdomen, after her parents sought a second opinion about a colic diagnosis. It was cancer, and not only that, it was an unidentifiable cancer that most closely resembled a rare and aggressive form of brain cancer. Harlow spent the majority of the rest of her first year in the hospital, receiving several rounds of chemo, 2 stem cell transplants, and many surgeries. Right around her first birthday Harlow was finally cancer free. Shortly after, I had the pleasure of meeting Harlow and her family when she was a student in the toddler class I was teaching. She’s so sweet and silly, it was impossible not to adore her!
Unfortunately, her fight with cancer was not over. Just days before her fifth birthday, Harlow’s family received the news that the cancer in her abdomen had returned. She spent her entire year of Kindergarten receiving chemo and radiation, and once again, several surgeries. She was (and is) so brave, but she began to be aware of how different her situation was from others her age. It is especially difficult to lose your hair at 4-5 years old, when your friends and classmates just don’t understand.
Almost exactly 2 years after Harlow’s last chemo treatment, and shortly after her 8th birthday, her care team found new cancer in Harlow’s kidney. She had to have one entire kidney removed. After that, cancer was also found in her thyroid, which also needed to be removed. Not willing to be kept down, the same week her thyroid was removed, she went to camp in Lake Geneva to be with other kids who are battling cancer. Thankfully, these cancers were completely contained in the organs removed, so she didn’t require further treatment (like chemo).
Since then, Harlow has had 2 more spots removed from her remaining kidney. The second surgery was this spring and between the surgery and complications following it, Harlow spent nearly 2 months in the hospital.
Harlow is currently cancer free again, and is able to enjoy school, cheerleading, dance and swimming. She sometimes struggles with not feeling “normal” because of her multiple cancer diagnoses, but she is brave, strong, kind, and doesn’t let it keep her down.
I would give anything to guarantee Harlow remain healthy and cancer free, but unfortunately, that is outside my power. However, with your help, we are able to help relieve some of the financial burden of Harlow’s medical care. $5 from every scarf, $3 from each necklace and teething/sensory accessory, and $1 from each bracelet will be donated to Harlow’s family to try and help alleviate some of that pressure.
Thank you SO MUCH for supporting Harlow and HFH. Harlow is truly amazing, and I’m thankful to be able to share her story with you.